**Pizza Prize is no longer open for new entries

What can you do with a pizza box?

PizzaPrizeLargeLogoCroppedLocal pizzerias pour their heart and soul into their craft. For them, making pizza is an art and now its time to celebrate their hard work with an Instagram competition!

PizzaPrize! invites you to purchase a pizza from your favorite pizzeria and transform the box into a work of art.  Once complete submit your masterpiece with our online submission form, include the title of your work and the name of your favorite pizzeria. Once we’ve recieved your submission we’ll post it on our Facebook page, send you the link and then you can share, share, share. The entry with the most likes will win a Grand Prize of $500. Entries with the most likes for each pizzeria will win four free Pizzas.  

The competition is open to all residents of greater Grand Rapids, MI and begins on October 4th. Winners will be chosen on December 14th. 

Read our guidelines for submission below, then order a pizza from one of our participating pizzerias.


Guidelines for Submissions

1. Only entries submitted on Instagram will be accepted as part of the contest.

2. Entries must include a title for your work, the #pizzaprizemi hashtag and a hashtag for one of our participating pizzerias.

3. Once you have submitted an entry via Instagram you must inform us via email by filling out our submission form.

4. Finally you must agree to the Terms of Use which we will  email once you have submitted your entry.

Thank You  for participating and may the best pizza box win!


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